Saturday, 15 February 2014

Value of emotions

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"God help those who help themselves"

 Today we are sharing with you a story of Mahatma Gandhi .

 In 1925 , the Charkha Sangh was formed .

Gandhi went from city to city, village to village collecting funds for the Charkha Sangh.

 One day he was addressing a meeting in orissa . When he finished his speech , a poor old woman

came to him . She was very old, her hair was grey and her clothes were in tatters. The volunteers

tried to stop her, but she somehow reached Mahatma Gandhi . "I want to see Mahatma," she insisted

and touched the feet of Mahatma on reaching him. She told him ,"Mahatma, you are doing a great

job. I want to contribute to your mission ." She brought out a copper coin from the folds of her saree

and placed it at his feet. Gandhi picked up the copper coin and put it away carefully.

Jamnalal Bajaj , who was the incharge of fund-collection of Charkha Sangh, asked Gandhi for the

coin but Gandhi refused.

Jamnalal Bajaj laughingly said, "I keep cheques worth hundreds of rupees for the Charkha Sangh,

yet you are not  trusting  me for this copper coin."

 Gandhi said ," This copper coin is worth much more than those hundreds of rupees " .He added ,"If

a man has several lakhs and he gives away a thousand or two, it doesn't mean much. But this coin

was perhaps all that the poor woman possessed. She gave me all she had. That was very generous of

her. What a great sacrifice she made. That is why I value this copper coin more than a crore of


Gandhi Ji's these words show that its not only money that has value , emotions also possess a great


Be Inspired , Stay Blessed !!!

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