Monday, 10 February 2014

God help those who help themselves

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"Little Things Make Big Difference"


Friends we always say , " God will help us ". But there is a fact "God help those who help

themselves. " Here is a story narrating the same .

Once a flood was threatening a village . All the residents

were in a hurry to leave that place except one person who

was saying , " I am not escaping , I have strong belief in

God , He will save me ."

As the water level rose , a rescue-jeep came to save him .

But he refused saying , " God will save me .I don't want to go ."

With time , water level rose more . The man moved to the third storey of his building , then a boat

came to save him and again he refused .

The water level rose further , and he moved to his terrace . A helicopter came to save him but he

refused again saying ," God is great . He will not let me die "

The water level rose more and the man drowned . When he reached the God , he angrily asked

him, " I was having strong belief in you . But you make this happen, why ".

God smiled and replied ," Who do you think has sent you the jeep , boat and helicopter ? I have

helped you in many ways , but it was you who rejected all my offers ."

Moral : God help those who help themselves .And it is well said ," It takes action, preparation and 

planning rather than waiting, wondering or wishing, to accomplish anything in life ".

Be Inspired , Stay Blessed !!!

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