Sunday, 9 February 2014

Little Things Make Big Difference

Hope you read our previous article  "Positive-Attitude"

Today I have an interesting story to share with you .

Once a man was taking a morning walk at the

beach . He saw that along with the tide ,

hundreds of starfish were coming and when the

tide goes back ,  starfish were left behind . With

the morning sun-rays, these fish will start dying.

When he saw these , they were alive .

The man took few steps , picked one and

 threw it into the water .

He did it again and again for other starfish . A man was standing behind him .

He was not understanding what the other person was doing . At last , he asked him ,"Hey , what are

you doing ? there are so many starfish .how many can you help ? What difference does it make ?"

The man did not reply , he moved ahead and picked up another one and threw it into the sea and said

to the other person " It makes a difference to this one ."

Moral : What difference we are making , Big or small , it does not matter. If everyone start making a

small difference , we will end up with a big difference , Am I wrong ?

Guys , our post is incomplete without your comments . It does not cost you anything , but to us , it

matters a lot .Please Comment your views .

Be Inspired , Stay Blessed!!!

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